Virtual events

Reimagine virtual events with Laia, where easy registration, flawless streaming, and interactive networking converge perfectly. Connect with attendees globally, foster authentic interactions, and transcend geographical boundaries for a truly transformative event experience.

Virtual events

Customize with ease to unleash the full potential of your event

  • Showcase your event by using our attractive all-in-one, user-friendly platform.
  • Tailor each event to meet your business and brand identity goals by customizing colors, themes, logos, and unique backgrounds.
  • Embrace an effortless and smart registration process by designing your own flows with flexible permissions and custom forms.

Delight attendees with high-quality live streaming

  • Harness the ease of professional Live Stream tools, empowering planners worldwide to effortlessly deliver high-quality live streaming with a polished and professional touch.
  • Deliver a rich repository of valuable content to attendees, including speaker profiles, extensive agendas, stream archives, presentation documents and more.

Create an interactive and engaging environment for attendees

  • Foster attendee engagement and networking with chat rooms & personalized 1-to-1 chat functionality.
  • Facilitate meaningful connections through personalized matchmaking based on attendee preferences.
  • Drive real-time interaction through Live Polls and Q&A sessions.

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