Laia’s all in one event management platform empowers planners and delights attendees


Built-in registration

Configuring automated invitations forms is easy with our secure attendee registration and guest management functionality, all in one place.


Customize multiple ticket types, automate confirmation emails and reminders directly from within the app.

Customize registration forms

Tailor registration forms to simplify on boarding and maximize conversions.

Mailchimp integration

Unify registration with mailing lists to further streamline processes

Ticket Scanner

Check-in application

QR code check-in from a smartphone, tablet, or notebook is supported by the app's dedicated check-in system.

Badge printing

With onsite badge printing, you can facilitate event guest management and provide a seamless check-in experience.

Simple provisioning

Speed up the whole check-in process thru a ticket scanner.


Simple platform-wide branding

Let your corporate branding speak for itself. Personalize event landing pages and portals with your brand's colors, fonts, logos and themes.

A "brandable" video player!

Use our custom branding capabilities to provide a viewing experience that is consistent with your company's brand guidelines.

Agendas and Sessions


Create a compelling, well-organized session itinerary for your event including all relevant meetings (panel, breakout, intermission etc), with speaker bios, session details and schedules to ensure its success.

Personalized Session Planner

Design your own event timetable, add sessions or meetings that interest you, and let the platform alert you whenever a session is about to start.

Custom pages

Enhance your virtual venue with additional event information and custom pages to highlight specific features or content.

Networking and Social

Relevant Matchmaking

Laia can use voluntary attendee profiles for smart networking and personalized, interest-based introductions helping attendees build valuable connections.

Dynamic meeting planner

A no-hassle, self-service meeting planner lets attendees schedule their own 1:1 meetings.

1 to 1 chat and video meetings

Start a meaningful one-to-one private chat with a matched attendee or a video meeting with sales prospect directly through the app.

Streaming & Video

Support for multiple streaming platforms

Create dynamic video solutions to bring your event to life by combining Live Streams with streaming services like Vimeo or YouTube.

Custom video stream support

Bring your own streaming platform and get the party started!

Live Polls, Feedback and Slido Integration

Real Time Polls, Q&A’s and Feedback powered by Slido

Empower your audience by letting them express their views via Live polls, Live Q&A sessions with up-voting and live feedback with ratings and comments.

Virtual Claps & live chat!

Cheer on the speakers with a live reaction such as an "applause" or interact via Live Chat for a more personal experience.


Event-wide Analysis

User and session data elements coupled with streaming statistics and feedback forms can be analyzed to understand in-event behavior and engagement for better overall evaluation modelling for future events.

Customizable feedback forms for better insights

Quickly and effectively capture what attendees really thought of your event via the fully customizable and easy to build feedback form.

Custom Reports

Coming soon

Smart Concierge / Virtual Assistant

LAIA is also an AI powered chatbot

Hi, I’m Laia. I'm an event chatbot powered by AI and I’m here to make your event experience the best it can be.

Automated Event Support

Laia is a smart personal concierge that can help with registration, answer questions, and provide guidance to make every event a uniquely personal experience.

Trainable for custom Q&A’s

Laia can be custom trained to answer most event related topics augmenting support teams' efforts.

Robust Permissions Management

Divide your attendees into groups and assign custom access.

Easily restrict capacity, availability dates, access to sessions, data or content for your event by specifying access permissions based on participant, group or ticket category.

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